White Noise / Sound Masking

In the modern workspace, open-plan offices are the new normal. These spaces encourage collaboration and teamwork among employees, but as your team grows, a new problem emerges: room noise created from small meetings and phone calls. Thankfully, Hi-Tech Cabling, the frontrunning sound masking company of Orange County, has the perfect solution to mask excessive echo and room noise so your team can meet deadlines and stay productive even in a crowded, open-office work environment.

We are the leading sound masking company of Orange County because we can install active noise control systems that produce uniform sounds at the same frequency as human speech. This absorbs room noise and creates a soothing ambient auditory effect. By reducing the noise created from a crowded work environment, employees can concentrate more effectively and maintain a level of privacy in small meetings and phone calls. The tangible benefits of sound masking become apparent quickly, as many businesses see an overall increase in employee productivity right away.

Sound masking systems are flexible to accommodate many different office spaces and business operations. As an added safety bonus, these systems are compatible with mass notification functions and emergency communication. To ensure the ambient sound masking is never too loud or too quiet, the system is dynamically adjustable to ensure noise level never becomes excessive.

If you’re ready for a consultation on quieting your open-plan workspace, call us, the top sound masking company in Orange County. Our team can recommend and install an effective sound masking solution so your office can get back to being as productive as possible.