Testing & Warranty

Once our Orange County structured cabling system installation is complete, HI-TECH Cabling will test and certify every part of the system to ensure that all of the products are performing correctly.


Upon completion of any work performed, HI-TECH Cabling undergoes a series of industry standard testing and certifications on your cabling. This guarantees your Orange County structured cabling system installation is top-notch, and ensures your new or existing infrastructure meets or exceeds the industry standards. Customers are also provided with documentation in both hard and soft copy formats with any recommendations for improvement of the infrastructure.


Our assurance protection policy provides limited lifetime warranty for the passive components of your structured cabling system as long as they are designed or approved, installed, verified, and maintained by HI-TECH Cabling exclusively. Assurance protection means that your system will work now and in the future. HI-TECH Cabling warrants that the cabling system will continue to operate the application or applications it was designed to support.