Cable Removal

New (NEC) Building Codes make it a violation to have abandoned wires in your building’s risers or ceiling spaces. We provide Orange County cable and abandoned wire removal services.

Literally, miles of cabling left in the ceilings and walls from previous network installations by previous tenants have accumulated in most buildings. These abandoned cables are a source of fuel in a fire. The smoke from these cables has lethal toxic fumes that can incapacitate and kill without ever seeing the flames.

Due to changes in the 2002 edition of the National Electric Code (NEC), these abandoned wires may now render your property out of code. This will jeopardize fire inspections, your fire insurance, and represent a significant legal liability.

Everyday demo crew unskilled in Voice and Data often cut the wrong cables taking down the phones and network in neighboring suites or floors in your building or complex. This adds up to loss of revenue and costly repairs you may be charged by your neighbors. HI-TECH Cabling has a highly skilled technical staff capable of performing cable identification and cable removal services in Orange County according to code and without interrupting the live services you want to keep.

HI-TECH Cabling can help building owners remain in compliance after each tenancy. Commercial Tenants/Occupants are financially responsible for cable removal in most cases. We provide technical expertise in Orange County cabling removal services which are fully compliant with NEC requirement and can avoid end of lease penalties.